The correct punching set-up for your operation is one of the most important things for successful punching. We sometimes hear, “Something is not right with my punching operation.”  And sometimes, we even hear, “The tooling isn’t right.”  Of course, our goal is to always provide our customers with products that meet the strictest quality standards, and sometimes we may fall short of that intention. But more often than not, problems with an application are usually caused by improper tooling set-up or a lack of maintenance to keep your operation running smoothly.

To avoid costly problems, system break-downs, and even broken tooling, it’s very important to ensure you have the proper set-up of your tooling and its housing. By keeping a proper set-up, you will:

  • reduce wear and tear on tooling, thereby extending the life of your tooling
  • realize more production with less downtime
  • have far less troubles with your operation because the tooling will perform as intended