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Manufacturing and Metal Industry Outlook for 2023

Manufacturing and Metal Industry Outlook for 2023 In the manufacturing market, there is a large amount of uncertainty and speculation. With interest rates rising and the talk of a pending recession and then add to this, if not enough, the war in Ukraine. Who knows, it’s all a guess. With that all said, there [...]

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FABTECH 2022 is a Major Success

FABTECH 2022 is a Major Success. In FABTECH’s second full-blown show since the pandemic, the show did not disappoint and attendance seems to have been the strongest our team has ever seen. The FABTECH Expo is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event that provides a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ venue where [...]

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Piranha Ironworker Machines…What You Need to Know

Piranha Ironworker Machines…What You Need to Know  Ironworkers are a necessity in nearly every metal fabrication shop. These machines are the workhorse in most shops and are the go-to machine for punching, shearing, notching, coping, bending many other fabrication processes. With many add-on options for ironworker machines, it can be hard to know which [...]

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2022 Metal Fabrication Outlook

2022 Metal Fabrication Outlook As 2021 wrapped up there were many opportunities, challenges, highs and lows all impacted by the new economic landscape we work in. Has your metal fabrication business thrived during this time? Many haven’t and one of the biggest failures is the lack of planning for potential changes to the industry [...]

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Find the Right Punch and Die Manufacturer to Meet Your Needs

It’s important to find the right punch and die manufacturer that you can rely on. Your punches and dies are at the core of your metalworking operation. There are several characteristics that identify a reliable manufacturer. Large Inventory You’ll want to find a supplier with a large inventory in stock and ready to ship. [...]

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Avoiding Punch Failure to Boost Performance & Worker Safety

Avoiding punch failure to boost performance and worker safety should always be a priority. Even though punches are made of hardened steel designed to withstand extreme pressures, they eventually will wear out. But they shouldn’t break. When punches do break, it’s important to understand what happened and why. Manufacturing defects are very rarely the [...]

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Pandemic Lessons Learned from Our Perspective

It’s been a rough year and there have been some lessons learned. Well, FABTECH 2020 is canceled. The pandemic is lasting a lot longer than anyone hoped, and the economy continues to teeter. But, in looking back over the last several months, we’ve discovered a number of insights that are worth sharing: At the [...]

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Ironworker Punches & Dies: A Material Difference

Ironworker Punches & Dies: A Material Difference At American Punch, we are often asked about the material we use to make our ironworker punches and dies and if our tooling is through-hardened or just case-hardened. Most ironworker punches and dies are designed to punch thicker structural steel over ¼” and up to 1-1/2” thick. [...]

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Peddinghaus and American Punch: Shared Values & Commitment

Peddinghaus and American Punch: sharing a comittment to customer service and producing quality products. Peddinghaus Corporation has been a leader in structural steel fabrication technology since its founding in 1903. Branching out into ironworkers in 1931, the company has consistently provided important innovations for the structural steel and metal working industries. These include a [...]

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Introducing the Punch Pack– Ironworker Punch and Die Kit

Introducing the Punch Pak Punch and Die Kit When our customers speak, we listen. One of the most frequent questions we get when people order ironworker tooling is if we have punch and die kits that could meet their standard requirements. Other customers admit they know they need additional punch and die sizes but [...]

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