It’s important to find the right punch and die manufacturer that you can rely on. Your punches and dies are at the core of your metalworking operation. There are several characteristics that identify a reliable manufacturer.

Large Inventory

You’ll want to find a supplier with a large inventory in stock and ready to ship. Being able to ship stock orders within 24 hours is another great quality to look for.

Wide Product Range

You’ll also want a manufacturer that offers a wide range of tooling. Look for a company that supplies not only different shapes but also heavy-duty options, extra-length punches, options with various locating spots, and other specialized offerings.

Understanding Your Needs

Another important factor is finding a punch and die manufacturer that understands the demands facing today’s metalworkers. The dual requirements of precision and durability go without saying, and you need a supplier that unfailingly delivers both.

Thorough Knowledge

Thorough knowledge of materials and how they react to metalworking is another must. Punching steel is a dangerous business, and you want someone in your corner that understands the pressures at work and delivers punches and dies that can carry the load.

Demonstrated Expertise

You’ll also want a manufacturer with a demonstrated expertise in helping customers overcome challenges. The right supplier will know what do to, whether you’re facing a difficult application, unusual material, or mis-punched product.


Hand in hand with that expertise is the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems with an existing punch and die. Your manufacturer of choice will have a clear understanding of the common – and not so common – reasons for punch failure and help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Customer Service

Good customer service is often taken for granted, but it can be the linchpin that delivers the punch and die sets that meet your specifications and achieve your goals. Keep an eye out for a manufacturer that goes above and beyond for its customers.

Bringing It All Together

American Punch is that punch and die manufacturer. We pride ourselves on our customer service and even offer an online chat option, immediately putting you in touch with a tooling expert to answer your most difficult questions.

Our outstanding customer service is backed up by years of experience working closely with fabricators to deliver the results they need. Troubleshooting and problem-solving are second nature for us. A good example of our troubleshooting capabilities is a customer’s request for new tooling to re-punch 48,000 pieces that were improperly processed.

We also understand all the ways that a punch and die set might fail. We even offer in-depth analysis for customers who send us their broken tools and slugs of the material being punched. Nothing can substitute for the level of expertise and care we bring to a project.

And you can rest assured that we have the breadth and depth of punch and die offerings to solve your must demanding punching challenges.

When you need a punch manufacturer that offers a wide inventory coupled with extensive experience and the ability to deliver durability, reliability, and precision, you’re looking for American Punch. Contact us today for the help you need.