Decade in Review for Ironworker & Precision Tooling

With 2020 nearly at our doorstep, it’s worth taking the time to look at the last decade and the tremendous changes we’ve undertaken here at American Punch.

To start, let’s step back to 2008 and the start of the Great Recession, which hit the steel fabrication industry particularly hard. American Punch was able to survive that stressful time because of our diversification, and we’ve developed on that diversification to help shape the company we have today.

We’ve streamlined our manufacturing processes to meet our customers’ demands for just-in-time delivery, both storing inventory and improving manufacturing speed to meet requirements.


A major step in our development took place in 2016, when we broke ground on a new building expansion that added 23,000 square feet of manufacturing area and an additional 1,000 square feet of office space. The project doubled our manufacturing footprint and represented a significant investment with millions of dollars of new equipment and updated technology.

The first equipment was installed in the addition in 2017, signaling a rededication on our part to providing the highest quality tooling, delivered on time, at a fair price. The expansion also played an important role in our growing focus on tooling for metal building precision die set components and tooling for metal building construction, stamping and roll forming. That segment of our manufacturing business has been predicated on our commitment to step outside the box and provide customized tooling to meet customers’ specialized needs.


At the same time, our efforts were recognized with several honors throughout the 2010s, including:
• Euclid Chamber of Commerce Bluestone Award
• City of Euclid Large Business of the Year Award
• State of Ohio House of Representative recognition
• State of Ohio Governor & Lieutenant Governor recognition

Bob Olson receiving award

Bob Olson, president of American Punch receives the Euclid Chamber of Commerce Bluestone Award for our continued support of the City of Euclid.

While these honors were gratifying, they’re simply a symbol of our dedication to fulfilling customers’ tooling needs by maintaining an innovative approach and adopting new technologies.

Looking ahead to the next decade, we plan to maintain our commitment to the structural steel industry  while continuing to expand our capabilities for the automotive, appliance, energy and communications markets.

We’ll also continue to utilize new technologies to improve our manufacturing processes and meet customer needs. And we’ will continue to implement and participate in training programs to help expand our pool of skilled labor.

You will see a growth in our already popular social media efforts via Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to connect with existing and potential customers, all while looking for key customers that complement our precision tooling manufacturing capabilities.

At American Punch, we’re proud of the advancements we’ve made over the past decade, and we look forward to the opportunities and challenges presented by the coming years.

Contact us today to see how our tooling can help you take advantage of your opportunities and overcome your challenges.