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Meeting Our Punch and Die Customers’ Lean Manufacturing Needs

As more and more of our customers adopt lean manufacturing techniques, American Punch is taking definitive steps to ensure we continue to meet their punch and die needs. With our customers’ move to lean manufacturing, we’re now filling smaller punch and die orders on a more frequent basis. Customers no longer order hundreds of [...]

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Precision Tooling Gains Notice at FABTECH 2018

FABTECH 2018 proved to be another great experience for American Punch, with interest in our precision tooling capabilities running high. Of particular interest were our standard and made-to-order headed, ball lock, ejector and pilot punches, as well as press fit, shoulder and ball lock buttons. Booth visitors also were impressed with the accuracy and [...]

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See Ironworker Tooling from American Punch at FABTECH

FABTECH 2018 is nearly here, and we’re getting our ironworker tooling ready for the show. The expo is billed as North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. FABTECH is the perfect opportunity for you to see firsthand the great tooling we design and manufacture for our customers. We’ll be at Booth [...]

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Special Tooling Delivers When Last-Minute Design Change is Needed

When an American Punch customer realized it needed a design change, the request for special tooling came at the last-possible minute: The shop had already completed punching all 48,000 units for the project. Only as assembly was about to begin, it became clear that the 26mm round hole indicated in the original print needed [...]

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See our Structural Steel Tooling at NASCC

See our tooling up close and personal at NASCC 2018! We look forward to two things in early April: Opening day and the annual NASCC Steel Conference. American Punch is excited to once again exhibit at this year’s conference, set for April 11-13 in Baltimore. We’ll be spotlighting the products and services that engineers [...]

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Ironworker Tooling Solutions at Your Fingertips

Metalworking shops are busy places – orders coming in, orders going out, tooling changes, design issues, machine capabilities, set up procedures, maintenance and safety concerns. So, when a problem pops up about your ironworker tooling, we understand you don’t always have the time to stop what you’re doing and do a Google search or [...]

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Having the Correct Set-up with Proper Maintenance Critical for Punching Success

The correct punching set-up for your operation is one of the most important things for successful punching. We sometimes hear, “Something is not right with my punching operation.”  And sometimes, we even hear, “The tooling isn’t right.”  Of course, our goal is to always provide our customers with products that meet the strictest quality standards, and [...]

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How to Calculate the Diagonal Dimension of a Punch

We are often asked about the correct way to calculate the diagonal dimension of a punch. In this diagram, you will see several formulas for calculating the diagonal dimension for a square punch, rectangular punch and hexagonal punch. When punching these shapes, you will often need to know what the diagonal dimension is to ensure [...]

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American Punch Breaks Ground on Building Expansion

Major expansion of building will nearly double the size of our production facility and significantly increase our manufacturing capabilities. To meet the increasing demand for our tooling, American Punch Company announces we have begun construction on a major plant expansion of our building that will nearly double the size of our production facility and significantly [...]

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Don’t Forget Your Replacement Shear Blades

Punches and dies may get all of the attention, but it’s shear blades that do all of the heavy lifting (actually cutting). We sometimes put a lot of emphasis on getting you the right punch and die for your application, but just as important to punching and steel fabrication, are the shear blades needed for [...]

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