With 2019 passing the halfway mark, it’s a great time to look back at American Punch’s start in ironworker tooling as well as our expansion into precision tooling.

In the Beginning

When Bill and Bob Olson founded American Punch in 1990, they knew there was a better way to provide tooling for the ironworkers used in thousands of shops across the country. They saw an opportunity to provide better product and better service by maintaining an innovative approach and adopting new technologies.

Their willingness to listen to customer needs was in direct contrast to the cookie-cutter mentality prevalent in the industry. And that made all the difference, both for American Punch and our growing customer base. Coupled with our founders’ extensive industry expertise, that commitment to custom solutions provided a strong foundation for our company.

Over the years, American Punch became the trusted manufacturer of ironworker punches and dies. We continued to deliver solution-driven, customer-centric tooling on budget and on time. As our business grew, we realized our strengths and skill set transferred well to related markets. In 2008, we took big steps in that direction, opening a custom manufacturing plant and acquiring precision tooling manufacturer Delta Tech.

With the acquisition, our capabilities expanded to include precision die set components and tooling for stamping and roll forming, along with cut-off and notching dies and plastic extrusion dies. This expansion pulled us further into markets that serve appliance and automotive manufacturing as well as metal building construction and other stamping and roll forming operations.

The response in those precision tooling segments was the same as in ironworker tooling: an appreciation for the depth and breadth of our expertise and a true embracing of our commitment to customizing tooling and building customer relationships.

Breaking the Mold

Since then, we’ve continued to break the mold of what’s always been business as usual elsewhere in the industry. We’ve continued to implement new methodologies, technologies and equipment; our flexible manufacturing style meets our customers’ needs for predictability and just-in-time delivery.

This is also a great time to look forward, and American Punch is poised for continued growth, particularly in our precision tooling business. The common denominator that keeps customers coming back and attracts new customers is our consistency – the consistency of our tooling, which looks better and performs better than the competition, as well as the consistency of our customer service. We’re proactive about solving our customers’ problems and developing solutions no matter where the issues arise.

In the end, our benchmark for success is our customers’ success. If they’ve succeeded, we know we’ve succeeded too.

If you’re looking for an ironworker or precision tooling partner that’s responsive to your operation’s needs, contact us today by calling 800-243-1492 or submitting this form.